Saturday, March 7, 2020

Eric Foner Gives Me Liberty Essay Samples

Eric Foner Gives Me Liberty Essay SamplesEric Foner gives me liberty is his most famous essay. A 16-year-old American in the mid-1960s was arrested for trying to throw a flag. The young man, out of his perspective, was enraged that the police used what he thought to be unconstitutional methods to arrest him. In the essay that follows, he articulates his views on civil liberties.Today, civil rights are overburdened by police officers who act like quasi-private soldiers for the Department of Defense. They use tactics including beating and tasing the unarmed. I am writing to you from Homan Square in Chicago, where undercover Chicago police officers are carrying out a massive search and seizure operation against local activists and the press.These undercover cops are looking for someone to incriminate by posing as a petty criminal and a cop busts them in their jobs as terrorists. Police brutality is everywhere in our society. We have taken an aggressive posture and that has come back to haunt us.Leon Kaufman says, 'The only effective way to fight tyranny and oppression is to become one with it, to be a captive of it, to practice complicity. No movement can achieve victory unless it is involved in complicity with the powers of evil and oppression.'Leon Kaufman's thinking has changed my life, and I thank him. I am happy that this young man wrote this essay for me. It is a perfect example of what must be done.I wish all Americans could read Eric Foner's essay and see what is required to get rid of a police state. The only way to do that is to cooperate with the forces of good.It is time to break the iron grip of the military industrial complex and our Federal Reserve System on our political system. Please consider all this. Thank you.

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